PhpPortfolio 1.3 enhanced

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Original script by Anthony Boyd

Enchancements © Youness El Andaloussi 2006

Basically, this is a phpPortfolio 1.3 on steroids :-). I needed a couple of changes made to phpPortfolio so that it could have galleries of products, in my case to have property listings.

I figured that it might be nice to translate it along the way into french and spanish (although my spanish skills need to be improved) with dynamic translation.

that was cool, but I am a bad designer and ran accross which has lots of templates... and figured that I'd add in a simple template engine.

While at it, I found a friend who wanted to display another type of products, so basically I added the ability to have several types of recipies... so you can have many product types such as cars, phones, recipies, property listings... just select the right recipy.

my friend wanted to put a contact form, so I did. it sends an html mail to the admin of php portfolio.

I needed a way for my friend to change her password easily... so I added a password script.

that was not enough, we wanted to have categories of galleries... so I added toplevels (basically categories of categories), but I am sure some people may not want that... so they can be disabled in settings

but everytime the more galleries increase, the more image names are likely to be similar... I added as a prefix, the gallery id... that way the limit is one unique file per gallery... should be more flexible

I also simplified navigation and included links to make it possible to edit a category or photos straight from the gallery. I also added move next/ move previous/ move last functionality

and many other nifty enhancements.

it comes without any warranty, backup your data before trying it. if you want to try it, proceed with download (if the link shows garbled text, right click on the link and select save as)